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As the premier library of key child-safe resources, we are committed to helping organisations create safe environments for children. Our easy-to-use tools and resources will save you time and help you comply with child-safe standards.

By joining today, you’ll have access to our comprehensive database of child-safe resources.  With our help, you’ll be able to confidently implement child-safe practices in your organisation to create a safe and nurturing environment for children.

Child-related organisations such as schools, child care services, out-of-home care providers, sporting clubs, the child amusement industry, transport-related organisations, and government agencies may access information, and resources for safeguarding children, anywhere and everywhere via our Premium Access Membership which can be paid annually or every six months.

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Unlimited access to our child safe resources which you are able to search using our customised keyword search tool.

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Child Safety Network templates

Use Of Our Templates

Access to fit for purpose templates developed by subject matter experts which you can utilise to conduct child safe activities.

Child Safety Network Rating Tool

Assessment and Identification of Suitable Material

We assess the value of each item and link this to key child-related areas to save you the time of reviewing unnecessary material.

The Child Safety Network Australia

Provides Members With Information & Resources For Creating Child Safe Environments

Stay Up To Date With Developments

Our network will assist child protection and safeguarding practitioners, reportable conduct investigators in specialist roles, to stay up to date with developments and maintain currency.

Staff Development & Training

 The variety of child-related work means multidisciplinary skills are often required which are always being developed. Our Child Safety Network Australia is a must-have resource to assist this development.

Access Relevant Material to Your Industry

If you work in a child-related area, you can use this resource to develop skills and understanding of other aspects of child safety such as trauma-informed practice and complaint management.

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 One membership is all an organisation needs to eliminate the time-wasting research and find everything in one location.

We acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Owners of the lands upon which our services are delivered.

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