About Us

Who We Are

Jon Sleeman and the Child Safety Network team have combined their many years of experience in child safety and protection, education compliance, and investigations to develop this customised resource for child related organisations.

Jon and the team have particular expertise in working in and with child-related organisations in the education, outdoor education, out of home care and early childhood sectors to undertake compliance, training, investigation, and child safety activities. This includes developing and reviewing holistic child safety approaches. Similarly, day to day, Jon and the team work at the front line in providing child protection and safety services for schools and child care services which included assisting with complaint and case management. These skills enable us to identify key resources for you to utilise on a day to day basis.

What We Do

We are constantly reviewing and developing child-related resources which enable you as the member, to easily access them. Our experience enables us to categorise and assess these resources and keep you updated with recent developments.



We acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Owners of the lands upon which our services are delivered.

Meet The Team

Jon Sleeman

Jon has been an investigation, compliance and enforcement, and child safety protection practitioner, consultant, and trainer since 1999. Jon’s interest in legal-related areas commenced when he completed his law degree and he then spent 12 years as a Federal Agent, Investigation Trainer, and Lawyer with the Australian Federal Police, specialising particularly in complex investigations. In this period he discovered his interest and skill in developing and conducting training and operational resources which colleagues could use to perform and improve business processes. Likewise, as a lawyer in the AFP, he advised on child-related matters and quickly learned about the complexity of these areas.

In 2011 he left the AFP to pursue a career in the VET sector where he has since managed and developed and delivered the delivery of accredited and non-accredited investigations, compliance, and enforcement training for leading Australian Registered Training Organisations.

Since 2015 he has been conducting workplace misconduct investigations for Commonwealth and ACT Government agencies as well as those in the not-for-profit sector. Likewise, he has been providing consultancy and training in this area which has involved working in Access Canberra and with various Australian Child Care Regulators including ACT, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, and Tasmania.

In 2017 he commenced working with the Catholic Education, Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn (CECG), in an investigation and child safety capacity, and is now a full-time staff member. He has also been one of the lead officers in leading and managing CECG’s COVID-19 Response over the past 2 years and assisted to review and refine the approach to child safety for schools and education and care services. This has included being a recognised specialist in the conduct of reportable conduct investigations.

Jon also provides specialist consultancy services to child-related organisations. One of these services is the provision of an audit approach, designed by Jon for the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. Over the past two years Jon has provided these services to NSW City and Regional Councils, Outdoor Education Providers and the Education and Out of Home Care Sector.  Jon also provides specialist reportable conduct investigation services to child related organisations in ACT and NSW.

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