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The Child Safety Network provides resources that can be used by child-related organisations to respond to incidents and develop, review and update policies and procedures, and conduct staff development and training. 

About Our Child Safety Services

Having worked in and with child-related organisations, Jon and Lachlan understand how busy these organisations are, and how every day is different. This is one of the great aspects of our areas, but also means we do not have the time to research and stay on top of relevant developments or review, refine and develop Policies and Procedures or operational approaches.

This delay does, at times, affect our outcomes as we keep working and responding to the doing whilst not having the time to refine approaches which often has beneficial outcomes.

The Child Safety Network Emerges

This resource has been developed to provide you access to relevant material and templates which you can use to perform day to day skills, refine Policies and Procedures and train your staff. The site is updated regularly, and the content continues to grow. A unique aspect is our usability rating system where we rate the material as being

A+ – essential

B – Valuable

C – Interesting

School Kids Safety

Modern Day Challenges

Any research is also complicated by the amount of resources increasingly available in this area, as it takes time to research and navigate this and find those which are useful.

Another challenge is financial as many child-related organisations do not have the funds to engage consultants with such tasks and rely on staff to do this internally.

These factors were the catalyst for Jon and Lachlan to take the step and develop Child Safety Network which will continue to develop the skills of child-safe professionals across Australia.

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