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Discover The Benefits Of Our Premium Access Membership

Are you sick and tired of sorting through copious amounts of information strewn all over the internet and not finding what you’re looking for? We know what that’s like!  Finding the right information can be chaotic and time-consuming to say the least.  As a member of the Child Safety Network, you will have quick and easy access to current and relevant information, and you will be able to find what you are looking for within our organised membership environment.  

Great Reasons To Sign Up For Our Child Safety Network Premium Access Membership

Organised Into Categories

Resources have been categorised into child-related sectors and key areas (for example trauma-informed practice). For example:

  • The National Principles for Child Safe Organisations/Child Safe Standards
  • Child-related legislation such as that for school registration education and care services
  • Working with Children
  • Mandatory Reporting
  • Disability and Discrimination
  • Reportable Conduct Schemes
  • Sexual assault, grooming, and crossing professional boundaries

Access To Relevant and Useful Information

Access categorised current and useful resources including links to relevant articles and resources, Australian case law, review agency reports, audit reports,  videos, and audio recordings.

Various `’Fit For Purpose’ Templates
Access to child-related templates to assist your organisation to be child-safe. This includes checklists and proformas mapped against the Child Safe Standards. For example complaint checklists, triage models, and risk assessments.

Training Material
Access material you can use to assist your staff to learn about child safety.

Save Valuable Time
Reduce your’s and staff members time `surfing the net’ to find resources and prepare for compliance audits such as by the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian. It is fun at times but not all the time!?

Train Others Under One Subscription
Use your subscription to develop your staff as child safety professionals.

What Else Can I Expect?

You are also able to conduct a search across our child-related resource database.

Our resources are always being updated and developed to ensure the most current resources are accessible.

Many of these resources are open source, given a large amount of material available.

Membership Sneak Preview

We have designed and classified resources around the ten (10) National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. This enables you to examine resources that are relevant to a Standard of interest.

Within each standard, the premium resources area is accessed by our Premium Membership that offers two payment options:

Premium 12M $129

(Billed annually – Save $21 per year)

Premium 6M $75

(Billed every six months) ($150 year) 


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