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This Free 7 Day Membership Trial page contains limited resources that you can search for and access and which may assist your child safe organisation. The resources are categorised in several ways to make it easier for you to locate them.


The best ways to locate and access our resources

1. Identify and click the appropriate National Principle and continue clicking this which will allow you to locate relevant content areas.

2. Use the search tool located below by typing in the relevant term. This will locate content with this title.

3. Refer to our key content areas list which will assist you to more readily locate relevant content.

4. Use the Child Safety Standards Quick Access area at the bottom of each exclusive member-only page.


Quick Access

Principle 1: Structure Of Organisations

Principle 2: Child Rights & Participation

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Discover the other many great reasons to become a member of the Child Safety Network.

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With unlimited access to resources, our members may use the material to educate themselves in Child Safety matters, or to train staff members by signing up to one single membership.

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We are continually reviewing and updating our resources. Likewise leave comments on the usefulness or otherwise of resources which will assist our members grow their child safe practices.


Key Focus Areas

  1. Child-related regulators
  2. Mandatory Reporting
  3. Disability and Discrimination – coming soon
  4. Reportable Conduct Schemes
  5. Restrictive Practices
  6. Sexual assault, grooming, and crossing professional boundaries – coming soon
  7. Trauma-Informed Practice
  8. Conducting Investigations
  9. Audit resources – coming soon
  10. Emergency Management – coming soon
  11. Wellbeing – coming soon


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